MEETINGS – What to Expect

The HR Outsourcing Forum meets two times per year in person. A spring meeting is held in a location chosen by the Steering Committee, which is frequently Washington, DC, and a fall meeting is usually held in New York City. Each meeting features the following:

    • 1 – Market Update +

In this session, Mike Hager brings members up-to-date on the latest news about providers in the HR/Benefits outsourcing market, including trends that members should keep an eye on (good and potentially bad). Always a Forum favorite, this session helps members stay abreast of what’s happening in the provider community.

    • 2 – Compelling Discussion Topics Selected by HR/Benefits Peers

The Forum’s agenda is driven by the HROF Steering Committee, composed of a subset of Forum members. Because the Steering Committee determines the agenda, the topics are always relevant and timely.

    • 3 – Networking with “The Inner Circle”

The HR Outsourcing Forum is a self-supporting, vendor-free organization, and thus is “The Inner Circle” of HR/Benefit professionals. Because the Forum’s membership cuts across the provider universe, Forum meetings provide a unique opportunity to network with peers in a collegial format to gain insight into not only an organization’s current provider(s), but the vendor universe at large.

    • 4 – A Vendor-Free Environment

The HR Outsourcing Forum provides an open environment for members to freely discuss trends and experiences with­out service providers in the room. Service providers are not permitted to join or sponsor the HR Outsourcing Forum. Occasionally, vendors are asked to lead an educational session at a Forum meeting, but their attendance is limited to that session only.