The Human Resources Outsourcing Forum was created in 2002 to provide an environment for the buyers of outsourced HR, payroll and benefits administrative services to share experiences and best practices. It was designed to foster a setting that promotes unbiased thinking and the improvement of relationships with service providers.

Since its inception, the Forum’s scope of activities has expanded. It covers an array of services and research that supports its mission grounded in quality improvements and cost reductions of services received. The Forum engages in research related to vendor invoice analysis for the purpose of comparison and trending. Its continuing research encompasses contemporary topics such as offshoring practices and globalization of service providers. As a group, members share best practices in areas such as contracting and governance. Together they address the impact of legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act, on their outsourcing relationships.

The environment fostered by Forum meetings and activities encourages members to network informally throughout the year, whenever they are faced with administrative challenges and/or vendor issues. In addition, deliverables from the Forum’s research and broader interchange provide members with a means to address these subjects in an objective, measurable way with their providers.

Quality interactions among members coupled with ongoing research and the development of meaningful best practices are the foundation of the HR Outsourcing Forum.